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Problems I Solve for Clients

Clients call on John and his team to help solve these common challenges and problems.

  • I need our offer to stand out and be in the best possible position to be accepted in today’s competitive marketplace!
  • I want to know the lowest overall cost mortgage options that integrate our short and long term goals.
  • I need to make sure my Mortgage Planner guarantees rate and fees presented with total cost transparency
  • I want to understand our options on presenting a non-contingent offer on a property if we haven’t yet sold and closed on our existing home.
  • I want your help to take away any fear/anxiety relating to our new purchase.
  • I want to understand our cost and interest rate options.
  • I want to know a price range and a monthly payment where we feel comfortable and that fits within our personal budget.
  • I want your help in taking away any fear/anxiety we have relating to our new home purchase.
  • I want a loan process and financing options with no surprises.
  • I want the loan process to be explained and have a clear and concise process.
  • I want to know how our current or new mortgage integrates into our financial plans now and in the future.
  • I want to have communication throughout the loan process so we know what is going on with our loan.
  • I want a loan process that assures we close on time without any surprises at closing.
  • I need to close quickly.
  • I want to know our mortgage advisor truly cares about our overall financial position and can help educate us on how the mortgage integrates into it.

Clients and Business Partners rely on John to educate, plan and recommend best strategies for today’s ever – changing marketplace. John and his team provide:

Mortgage Planning

Strategic Advice

Industry Knowledge