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Spring Holidays And Traditions Around The World

From a global standpoint, spring is one of the busiest times of year for festivals and celebrations. Nearly every corner of the world observes some unique aspect of their religion during the first quarter of the year. The following list describes some of the most important spring holidays and traditions from around the world.


Easter is one of the most important celebrations on the Christian calendar. This holiday commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, who Christians believe is the son of God.

Easter is not held on the same date each spring. Instead, this moveable feast follows a dictum made by the First Council of Niacea that Easter is to be held on the first Sunday following the equinox in March. In 2014, this date is March 20.

Most Christians celebrate Easter by beginning their day with a special celebration at church. Afterwards, families will usually come together for a large meal and a gift exchange. Children hunt for Easter baskets and brightly colored plastic eggs that are filled with bite-sized candy.


Although Holi is not widely celebrated in North America, this ancient Hindu religious festival is a celebration of both love and color. The festival, which is primarily observed in Nepal and India, is held on the full moon that falls nearest the vernal equinox. This year, the fall moon happens to occur on Monday, March 17.

Holi begins the night of the full moon. The celebrants build a large bonfire, and then spend the night singing and dancing around the flames. The following morning, people throw water balloons containing colored water at each other. Teenagers shoot water guns with colored water, while adults cook food and converse with each other. At the end of the festival, celebrants are covered in colored dye.


Although the United States celebrates its new year on January 1, Buddhists in Thailand commemorate the holiday during a three-day water festival that begins on April 13. Known as Songrkan, the festival’s most distinguishing feature is the use of water as a celebratory element. More specifically, Thai citizens fill up water guns and shoot water at each other.

May Day

May Day is England’s most established springtime celebration. Historically, farmers would take a holiday on May 1 observe the fertility of their crops and livestock. These days, British citizens use the day to sing, dance, and drink.