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The Third Best Beer Bar In The World Is Grand Rapids Own HopCat

Hopcat: Amazing Beer, Incredible Food, Fun and Welcoming Atmposphere


If you are looking for the place to get out, socialize and try a great local beer, then the scene to check out is Hopcat. With a great downtown location, large bar/restaurant area and a huge deck for outdoor socializing, there is plenty of room for everyone.
Hopcat is serious about beer. They have 48 taps and all are running non-stop. There are house beers, international beers, seasonal beers and even gluten-free beer. They are so beer-friendly that Beer Advocate Magazine has named them the “Third Best Beer Bar in the World”. A title they proudly wear with aspirations of continuing further up the ladder.
If you are not really a beer fan, there are still plenty of reasons to go. They offer a selection of delicious cocktails in addition to their beer. The food is delicious, pub-style fare with loads of burgers, fries, sandwiches and more. Their “crack fries” generally get top billing, but everyone that dines at Hopcat typically finds their own personal favorite.
There are weekly specials and daily deals to be found, both for food and for beer. They also frequently have special events which include many beer tasting events.
The staff at Hopcat are very friendly, and acutely aware of what is on the menu for food and beverages. They always take their time to be attentive even when the bar is packed, which is quite often. They are not just beer-friendly and people-friendly, but also pet friendly as leashed dogs (and cats) are always welcome to join in the festivities out on the deck.
Hopcat does not take reservations because they prefer it to be an “everyone welcome” sort of atmosphere. That being said, if you have a large group which would like to come celebrate with them, call ahead and they will do what it takes to make you comfortable. They have rooms reserved for special gatherings and they are happy to fill them up.
Hopcat is open 7 days a week from 11:30 AM (noon on Sundays) until 2AM. They are located at 25 Ionia SW on the northwest corner of Ionia and Weston in Grand Rapids. Call 616-510-8026 to book a private room or for information email them at info@hopcatgr.com

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